Feb 7th at 5:30

Stop Menopause Madness dead in it's tracks...

Discover 3 must-do things to balance hormones and stop Menopause Madness, no matter what age you are.

Free workbook included just for registering. Understand if these 3 factors are affecting you.

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Here Are the Details for This Presentation

  • When is it? feb 7th at 5:30pm
  • Where is it? Hailey Library
  • Who's doing it? Presented by Dr. Maria Maricich, The Wellness Doctor
  • Why should I be there? To pave the way for easy hormone balancing no matter what age you are. This is information that will give you the tools you need to see real change.
  • What's it all about? Maybe you've heard about stress, insulin resistance, inflammation and other factors that cause hormone problems, but why? And how can you fix them so your body will naturally find a better balance?

This valuable training begins in...


Free workbook included just for registering. Understand if these 3 factors are affecting you.

Who is Dr. Maria and why should you listen to her?

I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and my specialty is Functional Medicine. In addition, I am an Olympian, so my quest for optimal health started early.

Functional Medicine is a specialized field of medicine that looks for the underlying cause of disease. We do not treat the symptom, but rather seek to restore optimal function, taking into acount edocrinology, immunology and neurology.

Chiropractors recieve a minimum of 7 years of postgraduate study, focusing on natural means to healing the body. 

I have been in private practice for 27 years. Each year, I learn new things to help my patients reach their health goals. Now it is time to take this information to the world wide web.

JOIN Dr. Maria for this free Presentation Thurs Feb 7th 5:30

During This Free Presentation, You Will Learn:

  • How Blood Sugar wreaks havoc with hormones. Over a lifetime of stress, poor eating habits, or toxins, the glands of the body become weak. The adrenal glands are particualrily vulnerable. When they are fatigued it is difficult for the body to regulate blood sugar levels.

  • How a bad gut leads to bad hormones. Digestion problems most definitly will lead to hormone problems.

  • Why hormone imbalance causes weight gain. A drop in estrogen triggers inflammatory messengers which then trigger the body to store fat. We can turn this process around.

  • Why hormones mess with your head and how to stop it. As hormones change a part of the brain called the mesencephalon can become overactive and leave a woman with a short fuse and delpeted neurotransmitters.

  • Why the sooner you balance the hormones the better. It is easier to balance hormones naturally before a woman is menopausal, thus protedting bones, brain and more.

  • What causes cravings for sugar, salt, alcohol and drugs. When adrenals are dysfunctional, messing with blood sugar and electrolytes, we crave quick fixes. The brain consumes 20% of the energy our cells produce. If it's not getting a steady flow of energy (blood sugar), it needs something quick to help it feel better. Unfortunately, quick fixes cause further damage.

  • What causes osteoporosis. As estrogen drops the cells that breakdown bones can become more active, but when other factors are in balance osteoporosis is not a risk.

  • How to pevent hormone related cancers.